Welcome to the Crestfallen Productions website!

Crestfallen Productions are a film production company with bases in the York area and in London. We formed in 2003 while still at university making the short film “like a charm” as a final year project. Our next short film ‘A Plaster, a Paper, and a Cheese & Pickle Sandwich’ was executively produced by Kent-based Coffee Films, and played at festivals from Finland to Cannes, via Portobello. We made our third short film, ‘0800-FINALGIRL’ in 2008 and has played at a handful of festivals in the UK. 'Roseberry Road' (formally 'The Journey') is in post-production and should be finished this Summer.

We are also working on some new scripts as well as collaborating with other local filmmakers.

Crestfallen Productions‘ full-time members are Sheena Holliday and Adam Greenwood, and we collaborate with a talented team of crew members on each film.

Adam's Camera Operator Showreel



To stay up to date with what we’re up to (drinking cups of tea, watching DVDs etc), come make friends with us on our Crestfallen Facebook or Myspace pages. Otherwise you can contact us via email.

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