Directed by: Sheena Holliday

Written by: Adam Greenwood and Sheena Holliday


The Presenter - Darrin Cooper

Final Girl - Emma Buck

The Masked Killer - Ashley Turnbull

Swat Team - Scott Conchar, Kyle Easton, Lorraine Easton, Michael Hodgson, Jenna Payne

Final Girl’s Personal Assistants – Edward Arnott, Dan Walker

Phone Operators - Edward Arnott, Louise Dalton, Marie Hoodless

Final Girl trainees - Emma Clover, Sheena Holliday

Paparazzi - Daniel Brierly, Anna Cathenka, Katie Challis, Frank Grosvenor, Christopher Nutt

And The Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Irene Waudby appearing as herself.


Producers: Emma Clover and Edward Arnott

Co-producers: Adam Greenwood and Sheena Holliday

Shot and Cut by Adam Greenwood

Sound and Music by Michael Cheung

Electrician - Pete Craven

Consultant Pyrotechnics Engineer - Geoff Taylor

Runners - Diana Taylor & Amy Mutinga

Shot on location at Revenge Paintball LLP,
MPW Electronics, and St Helens Square, York

B and J Haulage - The Armoury, York - Jed Chambers - Carol Hodson

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A selection of prop weapons "confiscated" by 0800-FINALGIRL

Production Notes:

Shooting 0800-FINALGIRL was very gratifying. Our previous film had taken literally years to get from script to screen and this was shot in two days and up online getting positive feedback within a few months.

I'm not totally sure where the seed of the idea had come from but Sheena and I passed ideas back and forth on how to develop it; at one point we had possible plot outlines for a feature length script. The idea was put on the back burner while we worked on other scripts and ideas but came back to it when we wanted to put something together for Zone Horror's 'CUT!' competition. That was when we distilled it into the 2 minute infomercial that became the finished film.

Once again we'd had no budget to work with and were very lucky to procure a cast and crew who were willing to work for free. Some of them we'd worked with before but we also had the pleasure of working with some new faces. Needless to say, everyone was lovely and we had a real blast hanging about in woodland in the middle of nowhere as the sun went down, running around with hatchets and cameras.
We had also been really lucky with our props and locations as everyone seemed to be really keen to help. Revenge Paintball alone provided a location and our SWAT team, as well as cheerful advice for Emma who was playing the Final Girl in that sequence ("Kick him in the back of the knees!").

Sheena checks the framing for her cameo with the Lord Mayor

The main problem I had with the editing was matching up the lighting in the woodland scenes. As we'd shot it all in one evening, it had turned from dusk to pitch blackness as we went. Luckily we'd shot it all in sequence which at least gave it some continuity!

Another problem was sticking to the two-minute run time for the festival entry; as with any project, there was material that we really liked that we had to sacrifice.

Steve Piper at Coffee Films was good enough to give us regular feedback as we went, despite being incredibly busy with his Last Of The Scottish Wildcats and Coffee Shorts projects. His main advice seemed to be to cram in as much small print, terms and conditions and guarantees as possible on screen. It was really fun using those to put as many in-jokes and references to classic horror films as I could.

Mike doing something technical with his sound kit
Emma Clover preps Marie for the phone operator segment

Once the edit was finished, we submitted it to CUT! and also entered into the Virgin Media Shorts competition. We were getting great praise on the latter's website and felt like we really might be in the running to make the shortlist for both competitions, but unfortunately we didn't make it.

Encouraged though by it's reception, we started entering it into festivals. Watch this space...

Eddie makes a cameo, while Emma Buck and Darrin ponder their Motivation


JAN 2009 The 6th London Short Film Festival, UK

JUNE 2009 Leith Short Film Festival, UK

JULY 2009 Mapped Festival of Contemporary Arts, UK

SEPTEMBER 2009 Portobello Film Festival, UK

MARCH 2010 Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, FRANCE